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Also known as dudun or djun djun, they accompany the Djembe in a symbiotic relationship. Djun Djun can Creates the rhythmic and melodic foundation for the drum circle
DunDun Typically sold as a set, the largest drum is called the doundoumba, the medium is the sangban, and baby of the family is the kenkeni. Each of the three dundun has a specific rhythm and role to play in the ensemble

  • Constructed from one solid pieces of African Hard wood (Iroko /Tweneboah )
  • mutiple coated with shea butter 1 monthes before production to reduce the cracking of the shell
  • Cow Skin on both side
  • Same as Djembe , can carved with vareity of Design


Size /Set

small---- kenkeni 9''x18''
Medium--- sangban 11''x22''
Big----------- doundoumba 13''x 26''

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dundun01 dundun02

dundun03 dundun04



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